1. New years portrait

    kodak 100 supra 

  2. market st

    film street photography

    arista 400 film 35mm

  3. portrait of myself

    35mm mm 400 tri-x film

  4. chinatown playground

  5. last photo adventure day with my best homie, shawn whisenant,

    rest  in peace homie, you will always be in my heart!  miss you brother!!!

    shot with olympus om-1 - film enthusiast for life!!!

  6. smoking a blunt

    canon 7d, with nikon manual 35mm lens

  7. Some photos from my adventure in ho chi minh, vietnam

    35mm, 400 tri x

  8. Chili bowl 2011

    shot with kodak portra 400 film

    shot with olympmus om-1

  9. Spencer keeton cuningham

    portrait at work

    Shot with olympus om-1 28mm lens - arista 400 film

  10. construction sight  decembe 2013

    shot with olympus om-1, kodak 100 expired portra film

  11. Lango tattoo’ing at skull and sword tattoo, sf ca

    shot with olympus om-1 160 nc portra film

  12. the twins

    shot with mamiya 7

    kodak 400 tri x